Friday, March 23, 2012

Chill Day

A relaxed day, where I simply walked around, by my favourite Singapore river, chanced upon sound tests at the esplanade waterfront and got to be inspired again by how passion transforms any task into something magical.

Revisited my "Book of Gratitude" and the red book, that kept reinforcing the point that has been exposed to me. You attract what you think. Got reminded of the need to count one's blessings.

Loosely paraphrased:
"When you are experiencing joy and happiness, you are 'on track' and on the right path. However when everything seems to meet with resistance, you are swimming upstream against the strong tide. And this is the universe's way of giving you external feedback that you are 'off track', and the resistances are meant to protect you."

Learn to follow your instincts, intuition and allow it to guide you. Do what you are passionate about! And I'm sure happiness and all my goals will follow. :)
Listened to soothing music at the esplanade library. classical music really evokes an indescribable feeling in me. Its as if I'm carried centuries back whenever I hear it. (but I really still don't like mozart's take :P)
Black, white and green little portraits.
Got to catch the prep of the concert that was to happen later! Listened to the way this lady tuned every bit of sound to perfection. Her wonderful voice combined with the passion in her music was really inspiring. I really loved the way she sung, she really out her heart and soul in it!

Teh Bing by the Bay, Breeze and Daylight.
What an awesome random combination!

Love my red nails, leopardy  soft new top! :D

The green green grass, my trusty red birkies and willing feet to walk all about! :D

Thereafter dinner with the TGIF gals, we went to ilights at Marina Bay Sands! This is my favourite work.  A really clever yet simple idea!

Jellyfish like lights

And lastly, had to catch the WonderFull show whenever we are at MBS of course! :)

I like today!
Its been awhile..
May everyday continue to be as happy, bright and chill yet fulfilling whilst I acheive the goals I set! :D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Follow my Intuition.

Had some questions that I didn't know how to go about answering, and decided to seek God's advise by reading the first quote that appeared on google.

"All we are is a result of what we have thought. What you think you become." -Buddha

I think I should stop worrying, and make a stand and decision. Follow my Intuition.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Resetting Priorities :)

Re prioritized: the Wedding, our new Home and new start to our Life together are the most important things at this moment.

Everything else is secondary.!!