Friday, July 20, 2012

Loose it!

NEED to be 2" slimmer off the waist and arms in 2/52s!!!

Plan: healthy light meals, daily dose of exercise, weight training,massage to rid any retained water and effective thinking!

I'm slimmer, svelte, shapely, supple, beautiful and HEALTHY already!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the great outdoors

the weather was beautiful today, so Aixin and I decided to head to the green outdoors for a little walk, and practise our shot at fashion/lifestyle photography as inspired by Kenzas and fashion toast!
H&M, Bally & Ninewest 

Her favourites: Galaxy, High Waists and Baggu

Our new lenses.
Mine turned out aquagreen and Aixin's was the perfect blend of grey and blue!


Cookie, who had to be part of the fun! Following us everywhere we went in the house.

Curls again!

Went for the trial make up and gown selection today at La Vie :) love the curls, tho felt something was missing in the make up and just couldn't figure out what!

The curls and make up at the end of the long day!
Still like the feeling of au naturel skin the best! Felt so relieved at the end of the day after removing all the cosmetics on my face!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

nothing in the middle.

“run. for your life, for your joy, for your calm and piece of mind. run. because your legs are strong and your lungs are aching for the taste of air. run. because whats the point of a life spent walking in the middle?” -Tyler Knott

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hotdog bun and a coffee while basking in the daylight makes me happy!:)


sorted out my box and found this sweet and cute card from Justen :)
We got our rings engraved! :)
l o v e

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Nature's elements didn't seem to work for me today, with showers across the island n lack of fresh soursop fruit, thus the photoshoot today was cancelled!:P

But I'm so enjoying the super nice pitterpatter cooling weather slacking on my comfy bed. Nice break fr the sweltering heat (but not so good for business)!

And to a BBQ later whee!!:))

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wines and Teals

Oftd, with my lovely Egyptian necklace :))

OFTD: Wines and Teals. Love the skirt! :)
With my lovely egyptian necklace made of watery pebbles :))

Monday, July 9, 2012

Commencement 2012!

It was Justen's commencement day at the prestigious school of NUS!:)) And I was really honoured to be there together with the auditorium of youthful, aspiring graduates!:) Felt the commencement speech given by Daniel Boey was really meaningful and inspiring too!
'Live your dreams with passion, backed with skill and you will be alive' was the message I heard.:)

Colourful balloons that streamed from the ceiling to congratulate the auditorium of graduates!:))
The very handsome Justen on stage receiving his certificate from the Dean!:))
At the robing room! Gosh I look quite pale! :P Effects of the feverish sore throat fr the day before :P
Justen and his mommy!!!:))
My handsome fiance!:D
 So proud of him!!!:D
Suave! Wheet!
Class of 2012! :)
And of course, the throwing of the mortar boards to signify freedom and success!!!

And after that, what a day of going around to the marina barrage and hortpark to check our solemnization venues...  Been a hectic week!

Need to rev up on Vit Cs so that I can do all that I want to do and be energized and healthy!!!:D

Dining with fireworks

Gosh, been blessed with quite wonderful luck lately!! Went for a walk at the Gardens by the Bay the other night, and unexpectedly caught a spectacular rehearsal for a performance! 

The super trees, perfectly synced lightings and music that surrounded you, the interactive performance, the haunting vampirish white 'birds', and the beautiful duet between the man on the ground and the lady on the bridge. When one's eyes panned across this duet, one's view encompassed the entire scenery of the beautiful night sky, twinkling super trees and the majestic beauty of the sprawling expanse of space that the performance was set against.

 It really felt amazing to be watching the performance yet inside it. Gosh, it was really the BEST performance I have ever Experienced. And the key word is EXPERIENCE. cos I didn't simply view this performance, I felt I was inside it! And to think we are actually lucky enough to stumble into this amazing performance without planning anything! Words can't describe how good I think this performance is! 

 And the next day, we stumbled into dining with the fireworks by the river at One Fullerton, and before that stumbled into a musical performance by Bands by the Bay at the area yet again! We had made plans to have dinner at that area, but hadn't intentionally calculated the fireworks fr the NDP preview into our plans! How lucky, how lucky.:)

Watching the aerial displays fr the NDP preview from another perspective. Amazing to see the fighters climb vertically upwards!
Really an experience. Dining leisurely with my love by the riverfront, with the beautiful fireworks right in front of us! That moment was magical and we are sooo lucky!!

I am really proud to be a Singaporean. And I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to enjoy these little moments that the environment has created for.

Be grateful everyday and count our blessings always!

Crystel Diorre

Friday, July 6, 2012

Peplum,plums and preens

Preparing for a night's dinner out for dad's 18th birthday.. He is so secretive about his age! haha! :)

The elegant and simple card that Aixin made! She's so talented! :))
Bunned up my hair :))
In a colourful mode.. Plum satin peplum with cobalt blue skirt & purple heels! :D Accessorised with gucci cuff watch, thy ballerine and my classique chanel :D
Like mom like daughter! :P Vainpots! :P heehee
Mom looking radiant and elegant. Love her in gold and cream colours! :D

happy day out!!!:D yay!!

xoxo, crystel diorre

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yummy and healthy konnyaku green tea and mango pudding! Flavor bursting with fibre n goodness. Slurps:)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


restored my photobucket account and found these treasures..... Cookie without wrinkles!!!!

Photobucket she does look a little different!

check out her portrait!!! She really knows how to pose, with such doe-like eyes and ears cocked to a side.. aww!

when she first came to our home!:) soooo tiny!

The first few days when she just arrived... still a cookie baby!
Before you know it, this little cookie has become such an important part of the family, and now upgraded to be Auntie Cookie! Heehee;)

 Time Really Flies indeed!

Crystel Diorre