Monday, September 24, 2012

Time flies

time really flies....
its down to six weeks before the big day! gosh!

Nail Inspiration - French Tips :)
Stardust! :))
All that hardwork at Ikea! What would I do without my best Captain Smith?? I love my new room soo much!

Weekend at Batam - A&W Curly Fries!!!
Really sweet surprise at work on a monday morning:):):) i am so loved! :D
The beautiful altar. Love hanging out at the balcony in the daylight and soft breeze! :)
What a cute pomelo!! heehee!
Beautiful lilac roses!
Cuppaccino with an M!
Wedding hair?
Taken at the Botanics Gardens, with thanks to lovely Kristina!

Monday, September 10, 2012

last quarter of 2012

Captain Smith in No. 4!
Punk of a gal. walking in the breezy daylight ^_^
TDH SPF Bar Hop Night!
Life goes on with a glass of milk, cookies and cherries.
Really crisp vegetables! so refreshing :)
Social Haus at my hometown :))
Rockie rockie.
Found my Hairstyle for the DAY! :D
A nice cuppa foamy coffee
Muesli at loysel's! :)
Pancakes for brunch 
Abalone Mee Pok. Interesting!
And a nice cuppa teh and banana cake in the daylight :)

remember yourself. remember your vision. remember your clarity. remember your joy in everyday work. remember your excitement. remember your radiant energy. remember the great feeling you had everyday. remember your happiness. remember the days where your creative juices flowed everyday and your energy level was high.

Stay clear and focused, positive and excited about everyday.

The Colour of Dawn

Aurora Goddess of Dawn
"Sunrise is the color of a love made
Real life long lovers know this to be true
A color that can never-ever fade
Like precious Bavarian Danube blue
Each dawning always being different
Like a painters working wooden palette
We have made many an artistic accent
Upon life’s impelling loving banquette
I sense the blush of passion on your face
While we spy and share a special second
I feel the heated warmth of your embrace
Flush aurora has again been beckoned
Love made is the color of a sunrise
Or so true-life long lovers theorize "

-William Cavanagh

like a painter's wooden palette, love made is the colour of sunrise. 
xoxo crystel diorre