Thursday, April 11, 2013

Masterchef Bootcamp

If music be the food of love, play on.
And if kindness be the food of soul, pass it on.

Brought along my pretty cookbook to peruse leisurely. .. 

But what I didn't quite envision was a 'Masterchef Bootcamp' that evolved, which brought out the best of my culinary skills.
And so it seems, I can actually whip up quite tasty dishes! Quite a shocker since the last time I checked, I could barely fix up a plate of fried rice. :P

First attempt at the stove for lunch.
and managed to come up with a decent meal of
Spaghetti Bolognese with sauteed mushrooms and sausages, and sinful bacon :P

My favourite kind of breakfast the next day :)

And then dinner on another day-
Grilled chicken with thyme and sauteed potatoes, complete with fresh asparagus and baby carrots. 

Justen loved it and slurped up my portion too! Yippee!

Breakfast at 7am-
Cheesy omelette with carrots sticks and toast. Complete with OJ and a cup of hot tea!
Dinner on another day -
Aglio olio spaghetti with grilled tomato garlic chicken, sauteed mushrooms and pan fried asparagus + carrots. 

And a cosy fish & shrimp casserole to warm the tummy and heart :)

Home-cooked chinese style dinner -
Stir fry diced chilli chicken with asparagus, onion tomato omelette and rice.

My lunch one day under the big tree :)
Fruit platter with my favourite 3-in-1 cereal Mom packed for me from Singapore!

And a simple lunch-
Omelette, asparagus and grapes!

Breakfast for Justen at 6.30am -
Sunny side ups with sauteed potatos & toasts with grape jam.

Well I guess,
if you never try, you never know.
I tried, and my masterchef bootcamp is going on good and really fun. :)

What will you be willing to try today? :)


the inner game of golf

"If you want to change the fruits, you will have to change the roots" - Harv Eker

The golf greens at Alabama are a really beautiful sight and I was so amused to see scampering squirrels sniffing for acorns, beautiful red birds flying in the woods and there was actually a flock of geese on the greens! I guess they don't need any PC to step onto the course ;)

Buggy! Whee!!!!

The weather was superb for the game!

The pro and his perfect strokes! 

Whoosh and that's a complete follow through!
Next stop would be a PGA tour. heh!;)

Awesome weather to play golf here :)
And the courses here are challenging! Hilly terrains and interesting landscapes make the practice for a noob like me much more exciting and I love the challenge, adrenalin and focus.

What is your inner game of golf?


humble beginnings

...of a Home Sweet Home. 

Your feet may bring you all around the world, but Home is always where the heart is.

After the 37 long hour travel plus another 6 hours or so of getting our wheels and locating our home, we finally settled in to our cosy place for the next 3 months.

Very thankful for our cosy place :)

Justen's mini golf corner LOL!

And the big tree in our yard. I love this tree!!! :D

And then of course, the mandatory Krispy Kreme trip!

Justen really looovees his krispy kremes. I personally found it waaay too sweet!

And then we headed to Walmart to get some supplies. 
Gosh it is so GIGANTIC! I think everything about this country is kinda huge!

The apples here are so pretty, glossy and perfect looking! 
So pretty they are good enough for display on the island :)

And of course some blooms to brighten the home!

The weather was pretty chilly and luckily I packed in my turtleneck by mistake! God is good to me! :)

And well I guess that sums it up for now..

A lady's life of leisure for the next one month!


Are you going to San Francisco?

If you're going to San Francisco.. 
Be sure to put some flowers in your hair

A first impression of the States, an eleven hour stop over at San Francisco :)

At the wharfs with lots of seagulls after a good 30 minute walk from the bart(their local term for their trains) station! Clear blue skies with great weather!

And went on to explore the main wharf areas. Very reminiscent of Universal Studios. 

And the sea lions that congregated at the pier! Do you know that proper term for the sounds that sea lions create is called 'bark'? I wonder why it ain't 'roar'! :P

And a very pretty and bustling bakery :)

& then after that 11 hours there, we were on to our last 2 legs of the travel. To Atlanta then to Dothan and finally to Sweet Home Alabama.

Till the next entry!