Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retire Young, Retire Rich.

"Retirement means I can choose when I want to work and when I want to golf. Maybe next week I venture off to Peru and the following week I plan a media tour to expand our franchise awareness. Designing each day of your life is a privilege. It's a privilege earned through the proficiency in which you design your team and your company's culture." -Brenton Hayden

exactly what I am working towards.
a 'working' retirement.


BEAUTIFUL THINGS - Last quarter of 2013

catching tales

“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

reunited after 30,000 miles and 4 transits after. <3

really lovely, delicate green tea jelly from dessertguroo.

doing our part for the world! - Teach n Learn community service trip.

Loved these lovely roses so much!

a visit to my alma mater -- words that were engrained in us.

coffee and scone make a great tea time companion.

At Singapore's Macritchie Reservoir after 12 long years.

Underground Happiness.

Blackforest cake at Singapore's Stuggart Cafe. So germanly cute!

What's a girl gotta do without her heels? #nudeshoefetish

And I remembered how much I love salads with this delish chicken breast salad from Holland Village's Coffeebean.

Really love eating clean!

Tell me, have you ever seen an oyster that's any bigger?

Hot pink lips! #stylenanda

Lashy lashy.

Spot the mother. You'll need a trained eye to do that! #goodgenes are from #goodkarma

All my loves!!!

Early anniversary basket

The juiciest and most delicious chicken puffs I've ever come across --
Cottage Pies at White Sands, Singapore.

Then came my favourite Halloween!

To the Hallows we go. The longest time I've ever spent on make up.

And found my personal fitness inspiration! To that 24" waist in end february 2014!

three crystal towers.

Happy three friends at Pasar Bella, Singapore! Love that place so much!
Before we knew it, Mr and Mrs Smith became 1 year old!

Lovely present from mom :)

This little cookie at picnic in the park!

And visited Karl Lagerfeld's Little Black Jacket exhibition housed in the beautiful Marina Bay Sands -- my favourite place in Singapore!

Stepped foot onto our property at Oxley Bizhub!

And soon it was time for Christmas Shopping!

Loove wrapping pretty xmas pressies!

Sparkling hypnotic nails for christmas!

Cute litte card <3<3<3

Footage of our crazy kinect xmas eve party!

Beautiful card from our favourite jeweler :)

Favourite bar -- Overeasy by the bay!

And here it is -- Justen carrying a baby for the first time in his life! teehee!

catching tales, looking back.
note to self - life is great if you let it!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back from hiatus!

Been so busy tying up all loose ends back home the last few months, and now adjusting to a brand new life here in Tucson, Arizona.

Was reading through my previous posts, and realized how I have not sat myself down to connect myself with my thoughts. Lately, my mind has been a bit in a whirl and combined with doses of home sickness,  I have not been the most in sync with myself. Probably the reason why the journey here has not been the smoothest, given the state of my whirly mind.

Timely reminder to self -- Our reality is merely a reflection of our inner worlds. Time to pick myself up again, and make the best use of my time and opportunity in this vast land of the United States to create a reality of my dreams. Towards progress, fulfillment and an abundant life, here I come!

Putting behind the past unproductive brain conversations, I have to say that, the states truly gives me a sense of vastness and abundance. From the vast skylines on the drive home, to the abundance I experience on a daily basis through their decor, food etc. It really feels like anything is possible here, and that there is so much space and inspiration for creativity. Perhaps there is an unknown source here that links up and activates our right brain here, or at least it really feels like that! teehee.

Looking forward to see what beautiful events my right brain leads me to here. As for now, my right brain is inspiring a wonderful life through the use of Discipline & Enjoyment (my theme for 2014, lol!) in the gym and for all the fun work I want to do. 

'I create my dream reality with good thoughts, faithful prayers and disciplined action.'