Monday, November 26, 2012


Time always trickles away without you knowing. 
What have you accomplished in this time that has trickled? Have you lived up to your goals? Have you been happy? Have the plans been followed up on? What can be done better? Where can we have better results? Am I happy with the results that I have acheived thus far? How can I stay motivated and driven? How can I outdo my everyday? How can I balance my time? How can I make each day more fruitful? What do I enjoy doing? What do I feel frustrated with? Who am I always frustrated with?

How can I make each day even better?
How can I make each day even more fruitful?
How can I make each day even happier?


Found a hideaway in the east!! Nice ambience! :))
And great food at a great price! :)
Your health is in your hands!
Tried out zumba!! Quite fun, i really miss dancing!
Brunch-dinner at Picnique! Big breakfast set! Yummy!
Breakfast burger set!
Love the Tangs Xmas Trim store :) So pretty!
And was treated to a surprise movie at the gold class gv theaters! Whee!
Really enjoyed Breaking Dawn Part 2! :)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

its party time!

And it starts off with striking the Jackpot in the day! ;)
And then a cuppa at spinellis amidst the pitter patter after a long day at work
And then to drinks at D10 to celebrate Huilin's birthday!
And then to Mink! :D
Whee!!!! Love my new 'weapon' from the deepavali fair. just that it is a tad small to contain much!
Half the very fun guys and gals!
Gals! :D
Love my new gold and black dress! Whee!!!


Man and wife

enjoying a cup of coffee at the alleyways of Chinatown.

the wedded few days

Some brief snaps from our phone cameras for the day! :) I can't wait to see the photos from the photographer's!
Floral deco at home that we stayed up till 1am the night before to complete :))

Love the colours of it :) Our car deco flowers put to good use!

The rare one or two shots we managed to capture in the day!
Love my hand bouquet very much!!! The whole colour combination and floral design is exactly what I want to a T!

With the wonderful peeps fr cgh! :D
I actually love the kua! :D
Mel mel!!
Hands team! :D
Yay! :D
After party at butter! With Dr Loh who flew in allll the way from down under! So touched lah!

pretty hot babes!!!

And the wedding night was over in a whizz. And now to enjoy the wonderful facilities of the Fullerton Hotel the next few days!
Afternoon tea time at the straits club! The Fullerton Heritage tea was a wonderful blend of strawberries and vanilla. Impeccable service :)
Scones and cute little pastries :)
English Tea Time!
Scones with honey is heavenly :)
Happy tea time :)
Then we went for a mid day drink at lucha locha at duxton
Brand new SGD20 bills in running order :)
With Fullerton Hotel on it no less!
Angpow counting! :D
To end off, little cookie in her wedding ribbons so excited for the day! :D

the last fittings

Bridesmaids' bouquets! :)
bouquet for the bridal car! Love love love the colours!!!
The creative Jeff demonstrating the french twist! love it, if only i could do the same for myself everyday!
And the korean twist! :D
E-invites that were sent out :)
And the final traditional stuff to be placed in my room!

last few fittings done!


always love looking at things that are beautiful and succulent..

very fresh pork, kimchi and lettuce.
warm Kimchi soup that warms the heart :)
sushi feast!
love these 2 little darlings! :D almost lost them!
Cute little aixin :)
smoky cat eye!
using black eyeshadow fr the naked palette over black pencil liner was quite a breeze :)

pretty mom in her beautiful gown!
my handsome captain smith! :D