Monday, June 25, 2012

Hmm... Should I get these?

Random smiles, lost in time.

Sent myself loads of photos from Justen's phone! Now its really a catalogue!
On the Wedding Tatler's magazine at Starbucks featuring the Ballerine ring!!! :D Such a lovely advertisement!! Encapsulates all the things I love :) the gorgeous pink sunset, the water colour eiffel in the background, the tender pink rose and the elegant ballerine with its curves:)
I'm a lucky girl with a handsome and caring fiance!:D

The First Photoshoot -
Having a break at the O'leary's bar at the flyer after the intensive 2hour photoshoot!

The makeup on the photoshoot actually looks quite nice on the photos! Although in real life, I did felt a tad uncomfortable in it and thought it looked very roughly done looking at the mirror.

The night shot with Justen's photographer friends at the Helix Bridge :) The royal blue gown is quite photogenic:)

Our date night at Overeasy :)

 My Bday 2011!:)

Sharing a pizza at Timbre@Mt Sophia.
Note the funny expressions as we were just having a bicker before the photo :(

At Chin Chin restaurant with zichar food! :)

A catalogue of my daily chronicles!
Crystel Diorre

Good Good Week!:)

Loving my girly tulle dress and discovered that shoes with ankle straps are a breeze to walk in!! I guess it holds the ankle in place and prevents the foot from sliding downwards that's why.
Going to see if I should modify my crystal glass slippers to add on an ankle strap so that I can walk securely on the big day :)
Finally found a videographer thats reasonable with good quality! But so sad to know that they are not available. May we find another videographer that's good yet reasonable!

And on sunday evening we went for.............
GUSH!!!! MA LA HUO GUO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!With the super thinly sliced pork!!!!!
Can't believe I was so super greedy for it that I kept bugging Justen to go back for this on the consecutive second day!!!!!!!! Wahahaha. And I usually hate steamboats AND pork, and NEVER a Foodie!!! But the combination was really so awesome!!
Bubbling MA LA Hotpot!!!!! Whets the appetite to the max!

Then Monday after work... we went to revisit a teenage super favourite hobby.....

OMG so super fun!!! Havn't played pool for soooo long!!!!
It was even more fun for Justen as he took his time thrashing me ball after ball! :(
Had this fizzy drink with cucumber and mint. It was a very interesting and refreshing drink and you could taste the fresh cucumber bits. Not too sweet nor tasteless.
The top was also coated with sugar so that you could lick it before taking a sip to maximise the flavour, a la a tequila shot. I really like this idea.
Dinner wasn't fab, but its great to have vegetable and clear soup for a change after two days straight of ma la huo guo :P

Great good week hooray!!!

Crystel Diorre

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Midweek in photos!

The very hardworking (and cute) Cpt Smith At Starbucks catching up on his readings!!!

Bringing out my new chanel out to work for the first time, in Classique black n white.
Lately I've been seeing really interesting cases at work.. a radius/ulna that was fractured in 5 segments (Gosh ouch!!!! probably the worst fracture I've seen in these years); a hairy fingertip post amputation (imagine a hairy fingertip!:P), and a Russian patient who in my opinion, looks like the classic beautiful russian lady. On closer examination, I find that their distinctive russian look is constituted by the tall shapey figures, asian coloured skin and hair,with sharp european features. Very interesting!

On thursday, met pretty Grace for dinner at Marmalade pantry! The portions were huge n we cdn't finish  half of our food! 
Spinach, poached egg, grilled tomatoes and fried cheese.
I like this better! Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, sausages and fries!

With so many brunch places mushrooming all over Sg, it seems that the quintessential Brunch is quickly becoming an integral lifestyle of Singaporeans now. :)

On a bimbotic sidenote, I love these hairstyles!! Perhaps I should go for a perm n try a wacky loud colour!;) Whee!

Midweek has been awesome! :D
Crystel Diorre

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shape up!

GOT TO shape up n welcome complete svelteness!!!!

Starts TODAY w a good diet, exercise and activity!

Mel's Wedding!

Attended such a lovely wedding at the Hyatt hotel yesterday!

So happy for the couple, their many months of wedding planning has finally paid off on their perfect big day! :D Love the spacious and elegant ballroom too! It was great to catch up with all the colleagues from CGH too.:)

Glad to have caught up with the lovely Grace! :) heehee.
Excited about the proposition of starting a wedding band:) I volunteered to be the drummer!!! Whee!

Crystel Dioore

Curla :)

Went for a haircut at Hair Couture today and I think the stylist did a great job! She even taught me how to style my hair the proper way using curling tongs.

The last time I curled my hair on my own, the curls couldn't hold up for an hour! Plus the recent hair 'disaster'(i;e shaggy half curled hair after an hour) at the first pre wedding photoshoot, I was pretty skeptical of curling my hair. But to my surprise, these curls lasted throughout the evening and held up really well! Best of all it only took 10 mins to curl and minimum product required. Basically, she only sprayed some hair spray to hold the curls. I also felt there was minimal damage done to my tresses this way.

Love my curls! Apparently, if I do a digital perm, the curls will look this way! Though, I would still prefer a bit more volume at the crown. Will consider doing a perm but would have to look up more types of perm/looks first! Meantime, will be happy tonging my hair when i feel like it!:D

Crystel Diorre

Mommy's Birthday!

It was an early birthday celebration for Mom as Dad and Mom were gonna go to Bangkok for the weekend! And after much consideration, we went to Central Thai at Terminal 2 and I have to say the food was fab!!!

 Tasty dishes one after another! The unmissable tomyam soup was burning hot though. But really tasty dishes! And it was great that the restaurant was not too crowded and we had a round table quite to ourselves. Service was great too!:)

Our beautiful birthday girl who really looks 10 years lesser than her age!:D
So cute my dearest Dad and Mom :) Lao boyfriend and girlfriend :)
Mommy happily holding her lilies.:) The mango moose cake that Aixin and Lyn got was really yummy too!
The whole happy and full gang! :D Its really happy that our families really get together for a celebration! :)

Didn't take a picture, but mom loved her new gold ring that we got for her too!:) Love to buy gold as gifts these days! Great value in sentiment, style and value :D

And the next event coming up... Dad's birthday!!!  :):):)

Crystel Diorre

My Surprise fr BKK!

Look what Dad and Mom got me from Bangkok. Such a sweet surprise! :)

It was in my mind to get myself a chanel bag as the double c emblem truly worked well for me. But never did expect dad and mom to really get it for me! I truly wonder what I did to be so blessed this life! Although I do not covet these things and try to live humbly, I am truly blessed that I am showered by these gifts. It makes it even more meaningful of the thoughts of my loved ones behind these gifts.

Will really treasure it and work doubly hard to get our family business up and create a legacy of the business for the next decades to come. I must also be a good and filial daughter and vow to take care of my parents and shower them with the same love that they have showered me with. Truly grateful!

Truly blessed. May I continue to live each day earnestly and appreciate all that I am blessed with.

Crystel Diorre

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smile Smile Smile

Duper happy! Found such a gorgeous gorgeous gown today at La Vie! 

Breathtaking I would say! Everything about the dress from the lace, the tail to the creative yet elegant accessories that I personally saw the designer, Jeff fix up for the other bride!

So lucky that Jeff is such a sincere, thoughtful and creative person. Felt so taken care of and his dedication to his craft and holistic consideration of the couple was quite heartwarming!:) Left the bridal studio with much positive energy n look forward to our upcoming wedding!

Felt so much love from dad and mom and aixin too. Credits really go to dad and mom for taking time to actually search for the bridal gown shops. Their support and presence made the whole gown choosing experience really wholesome :) I'm so touched, and really must count my blessings!

whee! dint quite expect that I would get so excited by my wedding gown!:D

Another super happy thing- finally got the perfect name and permutation to fit 69 points after being stuck at it for so long! Elated!!!!! Love the name!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to my dearest mommy!!!!!

what a happy day today! Happy I sorted much thoughts out too :) Happyyappywookietart is me!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I know you...

I walked with you once upon a dream..

Hanger 96

On the way to our first photoshoot at Hanger 96!

The red ball of a fluff of my gown :)

The full hair and make up was quite an experience. Appreciate clean natural baby skin so much more now!

The very serious Captain Smith piloting the drive there