Monday, January 28, 2013



the driving force - how can i contribute to the world to make it a better and happier place?
a sweeter and cosier place, bonding people through delicious delight and sharing.
making girls feel beautiful inside out, starting multiple triggers of happy cycles.
sharing beautiful images, inspiring and bringing little sparks of delight.
healing and accelerating recovery, bringing hope and courage.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Be Inspired, but Be Original.

Be Inspired, but Be Original.

Soursop&Strawberry Yoghurt :))

Was very happy preparing all the CNY goodie bags
Cheesecake and tea at the favourite Fullerton Hotel :)
Birthday 2012
Birthday 2012 part 2 at New Asia Bar with awesome company :)
Very lovely flowers at the office brightens up the day and space :)
Favourite beige short pant :)
Dessertguroo in the making :) Can't wait for it to be launched :)
TGIF gang at Hannah's wedding :)
a cuppa'.
very happy pinkie heels :D
Passionfruit linguine 
Doing what she does best :)
Date night:) Discovered a cosy gem on emerald hill :)
Very well deserved saturday brunch after all that hard work for the week.
Have courage to try, Wisdom to plan, Creativity to inspire and Persistance to succeed.


Friday, January 4, 2013

The last few weeks of 2012

Oh my.
 I will miss you so for you have taught me so much and witnessed me grow.
Home, work, play & love.
Were major decisions that were acted on.
A beautiful union that was thine life's most important and beautiful moment,
as were beginnings of projects that listened to the heart's whispers.
Start of our new lives together as one,
I am really grateful to all that has been granted to me.
May God continue to bless and guide me through,
and may I continue to be loving to everyone around me.

The last saturday of 2012-
A rainy day's best companion - A good read from dearest Chelsea :)
And when the sun comes out to play, you work on the garden ! :)
Makes me happy!

And after all that hard work, you reward yourselves with an ice cold soursop sangria in the good outdoors :)

And when the last day of the year comes, enjoy the last slice of cake and cappuccino at your favourite cafe :) Because you never know when is the last day you live!

And then to try something new and spicy with a bunch of good friends for a good close to the year!

And then go FOAM CRAZY at the awesome Siloso Beach Party!!!!!!!!!
And our first count down together as one!!!
With the spectacular fireworks right before our eyes! :))
What a great start to 2013!
and Cookie says HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
To a Beautiful, Prosperous, Loving, Happy, Healthy and Successful Year Ahead!!!!!!!

And dinner on New Year's Day at Cafe Iguana to celebrate birthdays that are filled with beautiful beginnings and endings! :D




Birthday 2012:)