Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

So happy and utterly touched by the seriously Surprise proposal by dearest Justin!!!!!! Gosh..!!! totally did not expect it and still can't quite believe how surreal it feels, and that it actually really happened!!!

Gosh, its so funny how things fall in place and come your way. :):):) Sometimes when you least expect it! I am so grateful and thankful to the heavens for being blessed with such a kind, loving, caring and thoughtful partner who has the best interests for me and loves me so much. :) It is a real blessing and I wonder what good fortune I have accumulated in order to deserve such a good person in my life!! :)

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, dear Justin, for creating such a beautiful memory in our chapter of the storybook!! I truly appreciate all your efforts towards me, from the bottom of my heart!!!!! I love you so much, and always will through the years of our lives! :D:D:D Its been such a wonderful evening and I will always remember it :) xoxoxoxo

Some photos I captured, though not the complete collection of the 'mission' process!..:)
On the Sg flyer capsule, with completely no idea of what was to happen...

And the words that shone from the ground, yet i was still completely oblivious! 

Until I was tapped to attention, by Justin who was suddenly on one knee.. that I realised.. the proposal was for me!!!

The beautiful 99 stems of roses of everlasting love :)

Such elegance it exudes.:)

I'm the luckiest girl in my world!!! Truly grateful and thankful!

Cartier, symbolic of timeless elegance and class. Heirloom worthy:)

The Ballerine and its elegant curves set with paves.

Never been so sweetly surprised before, Happiest, Luckiest girl IS ME!! :D:D:D

I will cherish and treasure our lives together, and love you more and more everyday through our journey of life.:D

On a lighter note, really, Be Blur Live Happier!!!! keekeekee!!


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