Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adventures in Dallas

solo voyages and the lone star state

“Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take great risks.” 

And so the journey to Dallas was an exciting one. Since Justen was flying in to Dallas from his work trip, I drove to the airport at 6am and took a flight from Tucson all by myself for the first time here. Was very pleased with the achievement although it is a little one! Driving on the roads here all seem to be a breeze after this adventure, no more jitterbugs!

It was icy cold in Dallas at -3 deg celsius, and I also got to see snowfall for the first time in my life. Can't describe how lifted my spirits felt seeing and experiencing Nature's icy beauty. 

On the way to Killeen to meet some friends, we stopped by Dallas's Bishop Arts District for lunch, where we were later told by locals that that was the best place in town to be. It comprised of cute little streets filled with quaint shops. But alas most of the shops were closed due to the very unusual snowfall that they were experiencing. Luckily Oddfellows was open and our food was delish!

316 W 7th St, Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 944-5958

Drove over to Austin for a day trip the next day, and spent the afternoon at South Congress Avenue, a hippie shopping street with many quaint shops. 
The strangest was really this store, Uncommon Objects. In it were packed with really random antiques in every nook and cranny --some eerily alive. Real antique victorian gowns, worn in shoes of the past, many porcelain dolls, vintage leather bound books and portraits that all looked like they belonged in the 1900s, filled the shop and were all too eager to say a story a of their own. Left the shop with such a strange feeling like I was dwelling in the real memories of owners of the pieces.

Uncommon Objects
1512 South Congress, Austin, Texas 78704

<3<3<3 My favourite photo<3<3<3

And then to the Texas Capitol State Building in Austin

The next day was back to Dallas with our friends from Killeen! And oh boy was I excited at the thought of Dimsum! Its strange how you crave for food you used to take for granted in a foreign land. The dim sum was luckily really good, highly reccomended for an authentic dose of siew mais and custard buns. We were so lucky to catch the lion dance right in front of our table too, the best lunar new year atmosphere I've felt since reaching the states!

Kirin Court Chinese Restaurant
221 W Polk St #200, Richardson, Texas 75081
(214) 575-8888

Then it was to the mandatory tourist shot at the spot of 
"The Assassination of Kennedy"

Rogue cowboys at the Fortworth Stockyards Station

And the cute little girls and great friends that accompanied our Dallas adventure!

And so our little adventure in Dallas ended, complete with great friends and memories! 
Grateful and happy!

Try, and astound yourself with what you are capable of.


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