Thursday, November 17, 2011

Double Bottoms and its Resounding Ups.

Recently the rollercoaster rides everyday had finally taken its toil on me, manifesting as a bout of depressive inability to do anything except to lie on my bed incapacitated and stoned for a couple of hours.

Was really depressed and wondered if there was any form of justice in the world. and couldn't understand how such an illogical situation could even occur, despite my best efforts to resolve the situation. I guess I should have expected the 'courteous reply' the day I sent out the letter to everyone, given their crafty characters and corrupt thoughts.

Thankfully I snapped out of incapacity in a matter of hours with love and help from soulmate and partner, who was so ever supportive and kind. I guess I have to accept the course of events that heaven has laid out for me, of which includes this little trial to strengthen my character. "Character shapes Destiny" is what I remember from Jared Martinez's book.. "You were meant to do great things, do the right thing!"resounds in my head.

Despite the rollercoasters, I am glad that I have done the right thing and the best thing even though it was so tough. I have faith that good will always triumph evil. This has been my subconscious driving force in my daily living, fueling me to continually do good and practise generosity even when the going gets tough. I am glad that despite the battle, I have maintained a good moral character in my quest for Justice, and have never considered stooping to low levels like what the opponent has done. And in the end, I am certain it is the good that will win as people will recognise the moral goodness through my clear thoughts, words and actions.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. Do not over analyse. Keep to a simple, clear idea that is upright and just.

Thank you god for the blessings I have received, the wonderful kin and partner I have, the support and endorsement from the kindred spirits, and have faith in the goodness of people. I have perhaps just discovered an unconscious daily philosophy that I have instilled in myself - Having faith in the goodness of people. Perhaps that is why I am generally happy everyday. :)

I am beautiful, rich, loved and dignified. Everyday. :)

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