Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hui Hui's Wedding!!

A beautiful day filled with sunshine, heartwarming feelings and love! :)
My favorite part  of church weddings - 
where the true meaning of marriage is expressed, where a couple is united for a lifetime, through Love.
At the same time, where the individuals leave the safe nest of their parents to truly create their own destiny ahead. How grateful we must be to our parents for providing for us thus far!
 Such moments are indeed sacred, and must be cherished.

Really glad and happy for my good friend to have embraced a new phase of her life with such joy and courage! :)

Hui Hui the Beautiful Bride!!! :)

Chelsea and the bride!
Hui hui and I!

The TGIF gang!!!!
the good ole days of slacking in school, driving around looking for places to chill on fridays, driving the lorry when the car breaks down..
Memorable memories! :)

Pretty Chelsea!!!
Pretty heartshaped balloons that adorned the church :)
At Swissotel, Fairmont with the beautiful bride! :)


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