Friday, December 30, 2011

My Sweet December 2011

Such a sweet December it has been! 
Grateful for many things, yet need to learn to how to be a better person still! 
Perhaps one of my new year resolution would be learn to be Even more magnanimous and level headed when challenges come my way. Only by expanding my mental and emotional capacity, can I open the doors to Even more abundance, success and happiness in my life! 
To continually live a fulfilling and happy life is a life long learning process indeed.

The Cosiest Place I like this December : Fullerton Hotel!!!
FuFu Bears Tree at Fullerton Hotel:)
Really love the cosy ambience at Fullerton:)
Looking forward to holding our cosy loving wedding there next year! :D


And soon...
It was Christmas Eve!
Xmas Present Wrapping Rush on Xmas Eve!!!

With dearest Justin at Fullerton Boathouse on Xmas Eve!

With the Interesting 4 layered dessert!

:):):) So Happie!!! Our real first Xmas eve together after so many years of looking for each other!!
(although we were bickering before this photo was taken :P)

Another Xmas Tree!!Nice ambience at the Boathouse.:):):)

At the Boat House Rooftop with a fantastic view!
Great place to chill, and such an interesting Xmas amidst the pitter patter!
Wonderful to spend Xmas eve with your loved one :)

My Xmas Present from Justin! :)
I love the scent of it!!
J'adore. subtle mix of floral and musk. Perfect for day and night.
Love it!


Christmas Day then sneaked upon us the next day! Felt wonderful to spend the day with our families, all engaged in chatter and joy.:)  A pity Ken couldn't join us to complete our happy families! 

Awoke on the day of Christmas to find this birthday/Xmas gift at my door from mommy all the way from Japan :)


Our Families at Mariner's Corner, our favourite family restaurant :)
So glad to be able to spend the day happily with our families.:)

With Aixin:) Love this little naughty dragon! Hope she grows up to be a wonderful young lady!:)

With Justin :) We are so happy that our families are enjoying themselves thoroughly! :)
Had a wonderful cosy Christmas Day!:D


And the next day... Boxing Day with the girls!!!:) 
With Suying and Cheesian at Wild Honey, Mandarin Gallery.
Brunch was pretty awesome with generous servings!
We then winded up at Alfresco Gusto for a nice drink and chat to complete our girl's day out!


And then later in the night, to Goodwood park with my family to celebrate an early birthday for me!! :D

Happy Birthday to me at Goodwood Park Coffee Lounge!!!!!
One year older, one year wiser!!!

The wonderful mango cake Ken walked all the way to Marriott to get for me :) Such a sweet brother!!

First Birthday Cake of the year with Justin!!!:)

With Ken Tan the punk! :) On his way to growing up and learning to be a good, courageous, hardworking and successful young man!!

With my dearest Mommy :):):) Love her so much!!!! <3<3<3

Family is the most important people we have on the world. Will learn to treasure them even more!!!


And soon, it was the actual day of my birthday!!

Sweetest Justin booked a table at Ristorante Bologna, where every dish served up was sooo delicious!!!!!!
Really appreciate all my dearest Justin's efforts so much:)
I am such a lucky girl with beautiful roses, beautiful watch and wonderful food and champagne, and most importantly- such a wonderful and caring partner!!!!
Thank you so much dearest Justin!!!! I had the best birthday celebration ever with you:) And a whole lifetime more to come!!!:D

With my loveliest and most thoughtful partner and best friend and soul mate:):):) <3<3<3

Luckiest me on earth :):):)
Such a thoughtfully planned celebration and loveliest cake:)
I am truly thankful for everything that has come my way:)

Another Christmas Tree at Marina Mandarin :)


The next 2 days.. our little vacation in Singapore:) Had so much fun exploring quaint little places in Singapore!!!

Justin's favourite bakgwa place while exploring chinatown! Long queue even before the chinese new year comes. which reminds me, it is coming up very soon! Time moves at an incredible speed!

Enjoying a frappuccino while strolling towards Botanical Gardens!! :)
Enjoying the awesome breezy weather!!!!

YX So Handsome!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Me so Happy with my walk!!!!!!!!:D

My loveliest time keeper to accompany me!!! :D

My sweetest birthday card!!!!:)


All in all, a wonderful December to end the challenging year. 
All's well, ends well. :)

May the last few days of 2011 be good, and may 2012 be an abundant and fruitful year, filled with 
Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness to one and all! :)

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