Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day of 2011

Seems like 2011 really was a lousy year for me, its ugly head didn't spare me even on the last day.

Had one of the worst last day of the year, which consisted of tv watching, boring wii games, waiting and waiting for nothing to happen really. and if I wanted to sleep, I couldn't as it would have been rude to the hosts. Really wondered why on earth I was spending such day which could have been a happier day with better atmosphere, instead stuck at somewhere watching TV, a most hated activity, and just waiting for nothing to happen. Was really extremely upset and was really on the verge of leaving on my own. Throughout the years of my life, the last day of the year has been about celebration and to soak up the joyous atmosphere, be it a cosy get together or a fun filled party. Especially when 2011 has been such a tough year, I really wanted to bid it good bye and truly enjoy the first few moments of 2012.

Alas, life is as such, sacrifices has to be made for your loved ones, and I sat through the 4 hours and welcomed the new year with a forced smile when in fact I couldn't bear to be there for an extra minute. So much for a great fresh start to 2012. My level of magnanimity has not reached such a level where I can tolerate tv watching and endless waiting on such a supposed celebratory day yet. Yet, I was not understood a single bit and expected to listen and understand more despite my tolerance throughout the day. I think I am a human with emotions too and the last thing a person with a completely spoilt day would want to do is to continue to listen and understand. The only saving grace was that I had little Aixin for company throughout, she is such a sweet little girl.:)

That aside and moving on, although the start of 2012 has not been as fantastic as I hoped it would be, it is important to understand that it is only an occasion of the year. What is more important is to have continued faith in how the year can continue to fold out through my good efforts, and that how one's daily perspective can make a difference in how each day unfolds. I truly hope that I am on the right path, and may the year bring about greater peace, love, joy, abundance, fruitfulness and most important happiness!

So, to rouse some positive energy, we can always make use of positive memories! :

When we are upset, remember the simple love we share, and that is really all that matter.:)

Arguments never cease with arguments, but only with Love.:)
With that one spoilt occasion aside, I still have renewed faith, and will continue to pray and act on, for a wonderful 2012 ahead! And also counting my blessings for all the good things that have come my way in 2011. I am a very lucky girl really.

Cheers to
Abundance, Peace,  Love, Joy, Clarity and HAPPINESS!!!!! :D

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