Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to be Happy

It recently seems that I can't quite escape noise pollution and negative chi around me. Therefore, since I can't change my environment, I will change my mindset in order to be happier instead!

As Gandhi says, "Be the Change you want to see."

1. Live the Day. 
Your life is not an accumulation of the days before today. Your life IS today. Live the day, every second is a chance to make the day a good or a bad one, a happy one or an unhappy one.

2. Focus on solutions. 
It is so easy and somehow comforting to keep thinking about the problems we have and unconsciously keep playing our problems on repeat mode. It seems that humans unconsciously seem to sadistically love to listen to these melancholic melodies over and over. Succumbing to such melodies makes one helpless and sad. Instead, face the problem head on and take it head on. Focus on making things work. Learn from the experience. Life is never without problems, but the good news is that in the scheme of bigger things, no problem is permanent! Be happy you have a chance and free will of mind to interact with the problem and possibly make things work.

3. Make a choice about the past. 
Many times, we have many regrets and unhappy memories of the past. Be they the past of injustice, hatred or sadness. The past is already over, but how you allow it to affect you today and tomorrow is a choice. Choose to learn from the past and apply it for your happiness today.

4. Have Faith.
Understand that the universe, the stars, the sea, the sky and God exists. Do the very best you can, and leave the rest to God. I have found that only with this deep understanding, that you can find true peace and happiness.

5. Adjust yourself positively.
A positive attitude is not just something you are born with. it requires a conscious effort, daily nurturing,self counseling and determination to believe in yourself even in times of difficulty. And when you have mastered it, this innate quality will give you extra strength and bring you success to most that 
you do. Then,you will access the true riches of the world, Happiness.

6. Give sincere thanks for a chance of existence in the world.
In the context of time's infinity, our existence is a mere breath. Appreciate your eyes that bring you beautiful colours, skin that provides you loving sense of affection and smell that lets you appreciate the fresh air. Compared to many, we are fortunate and blessed indeed. Be happy that you have a chance to live comfortably.

7. Maintain good, honest and earnest communication especially with your loved ones.
Good, open and earnest communication is VITAL to happy relationships. I have observed that communications that are unclear, hidden in fear, or suppressed feelings that are not expressed directly take huge tolls on relationships, causing dissentment, tire and unhappiness that may evolve into a ticking time bomb over time. Open expressions and direct discussions about important problems and feelings are extremely important to maintain healthy and happy relationships. Be clear, be happy!

8. Take a chill pill and a detox pill.
And indeed, we are still ultimately humans and not saints. Of course from time to time it seems like we are so surrounded by negativity that it gets so stifling, and everything feels so bottled up. Then, take a chill pill and breath in and out, and remember points 1 - 7, especially that you have FREE WILL and that THE DAY IS YOURS FOR  YOU TO LIVE, HAPPY OR SAD. YOU SHOULD PROTECT YOUR GOOD ENERGY AND NOT LET OTHERS AFFECT YOU.

Then, take a detox pill and allow yourself to purge all your bad energy away. Breathe in, and breathe OUT deeply and purge all those bad things away. Open your window for fresh air, go for a walk. and remember, PURGE AWAY all the bad energy of others. Find back your true good self, remember your clear goals and mission in life, and think of points 1 - 7 again.

Remember what a happy and peaceful girl you are, and smile and be happy!

9. Learn to build a wall of Happiness around yourself.
Imagine a stream of blue aura around yourself that protects you from others. This stream of aura not only keeps your good energy happy, but is also strong and protects you from the negative energy of others. Activate this Happy wall whenever you feel you need it! :D 

Live the Day, Be Happy!!!! :):):)

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