Friday, January 25, 2013

Be Inspired, but Be Original.

Be Inspired, but Be Original.

Soursop&Strawberry Yoghurt :))

Was very happy preparing all the CNY goodie bags
Cheesecake and tea at the favourite Fullerton Hotel :)
Birthday 2012
Birthday 2012 part 2 at New Asia Bar with awesome company :)
Very lovely flowers at the office brightens up the day and space :)
Favourite beige short pant :)
Dessertguroo in the making :) Can't wait for it to be launched :)
TGIF gang at Hannah's wedding :)
a cuppa'.
very happy pinkie heels :D
Passionfruit linguine 
Doing what she does best :)
Date night:) Discovered a cosy gem on emerald hill :)
Very well deserved saturday brunch after all that hard work for the week.
Have courage to try, Wisdom to plan, Creativity to inspire and Persistance to succeed.


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