Sunday, June 2, 2013


do you believe in yourself?
because when you do, what you think will be what you get.

My interval training regime! :)

TGIF 3 musketeers at a church wedding on a rainy day!

picturesque in sg. a peaceful moment alone before dinner at the oasis :)

Mom's vintage dress of 20 years still in perfect mint condition. So very precious!
I want to pass down this dress to my daughter in another 20 years. <3
My mother, such a pretty, capable, successful yet kind woman. 

Depend on ourselves to do our very best in everything, then learn to trust in God and leave the rest to him. :)

I actually miss my own style of cooking! Nothing much fancy, but I miss clean, wholesome and healthy meals!

Doodling possible designs for cococrystael :)

This little cute card made my day <3<3<3
The silver lining in dark clouds - Absence does make the heart grow fonder. :)

Living in a grateful, harmonious and happy world.

Discovered oats at home.
Avocados, oranges, oat and milk makes me a DUPER happy and yummy breakfast!
I feel sooo wholesome and happy eating nutritious and yummy breakfasts! :D

DessertGuroo on Straits Times Classifieds!
Happy that things are falling into place for DessertGuroo one by one!
Onwards we go!

what do you believe in?


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