Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wynn Las Vegas

the wynn experience
"I have a simple taste. Only the best."
-Oscar Wilde

Was privileged to be invited to a hotel stay at Wynn Las Vegas. Since it was Justen's 21st(ahem) birthday, we were thrilled that we could celebrate it in the beautiful suites of the sin city.

I personally love admiring architecture, and Wynn's buildings were no doubt the most beautiful in the city. Outstandingly modern and sleek, it was not difficult to understand why it got so much rave.

The interiors of our junior king suite were every bit fabulous as well.

Stunning views from the room overlooked the pool and the adjacent uncle Trump's tower.

Dining was ever so pleasurable in the beautiful, well lit hall with abundant adornment of flowers. Food selection was well, and I particularly enjoyed the quirky dessert station. The crepes station, gelatos and pretty cakes were a real delight.

Words become superfluous when pictures speak the best language.
Are you tempted enough already?

decadent sin city


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