Sunday, April 22, 2012

Justin's Birthday!!!:D

A year ago, I promised my BFF I would bake a birthday cake for him every year!!
This year, of course I did, simply because my BFF, in my opinion, is TRULY the BEST man in the world!:D How blessed I am to have him as a BFF!:D

And so I baked the first real cake ever!! Have baked cookies, fruit tarts and such before, but never a real cake! Was excited to bake it for my BFF! :)
Got a great simple cake recipe with rave reviews and got all the ingredients!
Decided to turn it into a blueberries, strawberries and cream cake! :D

The cake!!! love the little sweetheart in the middle of it! Made with Love!
So duper happy that the cake rose up so well with such a nice buttery brown colour!! :D
Carefully removing the cake ring... and slicing it into half to prepare to add in the filling!

The strawberry and cream filling in the layer! Happy this idea worked and gave the cake a really nice tangy fresh fruit taste! :)

And tadah the final product!!!!!!:):):) Duper happy its so tasty and pretty!!!

Made little pretty cupcakes in another batch!

Perfect with a cup of tea!:D

Finally @ 0001hrs , 18/04/12! Happy Birthday my dearest BFF!!!!:D

And we went for dinner on the next day! After a long day at work no less, gosh!!! A holiday is in need asap!!!!

May the year ahead be filled with abundance, success, health, wealth and happiness always!!!

your fiancee :)

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