Sunday, April 15, 2012

C O L O U R my days!!!

Sunday Tea time!

Coffee and cake at Parco Millenia lifts my mood up! :)

My dearest Cpt Yap who's had such a duper busy work the past week, now still gotta write essay!!! ;P

I think  on a sidenote, it is time to  c o l o u r  my life up!!! Surfed through a successful fashion entreprenuer's blog, and noticed how colourful and vibrant she has created a life for herself! Quite an inspiration!

Latetly my path has recently gotten too dull, and gotten a little high strung with all the stressors all around! Time for a change of career or add on career maybe! How can I combine my current profession and yet make mine more colourful and dynamic?? And perhaps it also starts with a more colourful update with more vibrant photos on this catalogue! 

Do something vibrant, Do something else I love, and riches will follow! 

Think good, think lucky, think full of life, think happy colours!!!


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