Monday, April 30, 2012

Duper happy!!

Pedicure at Lancome's with Mom and Aixin!
Time to pamper myself more and take good care of the body god has given me!
I resolve to really care for my skin, body, hair, diet, nails and everything that has been given to me by God's grace!
 I'm a lucky gal who has been blessed with much good things, and I should cherish it dearly and tend to it carefully!
No More Neglect just because of busy-ness! My body is an important PRIORITY!!

Quick dinner at wanton mee's after a day of shopping!
OFTD: Magenta pleated flowy dress with classic chanel flap bag! Love my scarlet nails! :D

Another day.. colourful colourful food at Han's Changi city point! love the chicken chop!!

And my happiest thing recently!!!
oh gosh! it was love at first sight!! really love this gown so much!!!!
Fits all the criteria in my imagination..
Red, mermaid,simple, elegant, classy, sexy and with such vivacious personality!
such a difference from all the other boring gowns I've seen so far.
I'm soooo happy about this gown!!!!:D

and more great news... THRILLED that the procedures for our home have all gone smoothly as planned.. and I look forward to our beautiful cosy home for the Tan Family!!! An excellent investment that my parents love!!!

Seems like things are working out smoothly! And the sense of liberation I have post resignation has been really refreshing. The initial fears of instability etc seem to all dissolve as windows of opportunity, things that I love to do, all come knocking on my door! The feeling of having freedom to do the things I want is truly energizing. I think it is such energy that will transform dreams, ideas and imagination into reality. And frankly, it is really not as scary as I thought. In fact, it is so much more enjoyable that I can have the time on my own hands! It is such good energy that will attract wealth,fortune, success and happiness when I enjoy every bit of what I do!:)

I am blessed. And I am glad the rainbows have started to appear after the storm.

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