Monday, July 9, 2012

Commencement 2012!

It was Justen's commencement day at the prestigious school of NUS!:)) And I was really honoured to be there together with the auditorium of youthful, aspiring graduates!:) Felt the commencement speech given by Daniel Boey was really meaningful and inspiring too!
'Live your dreams with passion, backed with skill and you will be alive' was the message I heard.:)

Colourful balloons that streamed from the ceiling to congratulate the auditorium of graduates!:))
The very handsome Justen on stage receiving his certificate from the Dean!:))
At the robing room! Gosh I look quite pale! :P Effects of the feverish sore throat fr the day before :P
Justen and his mommy!!!:))
My handsome fiance!:D
 So proud of him!!!:D
Suave! Wheet!
Class of 2012! :)
And of course, the throwing of the mortar boards to signify freedom and success!!!

And after that, what a day of going around to the marina barrage and hortpark to check our solemnization venues...  Been a hectic week!

Need to rev up on Vit Cs so that I can do all that I want to do and be energized and healthy!!!:D

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