Monday, July 9, 2012

Dining with fireworks

Gosh, been blessed with quite wonderful luck lately!! Went for a walk at the Gardens by the Bay the other night, and unexpectedly caught a spectacular rehearsal for a performance! 

The super trees, perfectly synced lightings and music that surrounded you, the interactive performance, the haunting vampirish white 'birds', and the beautiful duet between the man on the ground and the lady on the bridge. When one's eyes panned across this duet, one's view encompassed the entire scenery of the beautiful night sky, twinkling super trees and the majestic beauty of the sprawling expanse of space that the performance was set against.

 It really felt amazing to be watching the performance yet inside it. Gosh, it was really the BEST performance I have ever Experienced. And the key word is EXPERIENCE. cos I didn't simply view this performance, I felt I was inside it! And to think we are actually lucky enough to stumble into this amazing performance without planning anything! Words can't describe how good I think this performance is! 

 And the next day, we stumbled into dining with the fireworks by the river at One Fullerton, and before that stumbled into a musical performance by Bands by the Bay at the area yet again! We had made plans to have dinner at that area, but hadn't intentionally calculated the fireworks fr the NDP preview into our plans! How lucky, how lucky.:)

Watching the aerial displays fr the NDP preview from another perspective. Amazing to see the fighters climb vertically upwards!
Really an experience. Dining leisurely with my love by the riverfront, with the beautiful fireworks right in front of us! That moment was magical and we are sooo lucky!!

I am really proud to be a Singaporean. And I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to enjoy these little moments that the environment has created for.

Be grateful everyday and count our blessings always!

Crystel Diorre

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