Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catching Up

The incredible speed of time.
Wedded, happy and blissful.
Catching up on the many images of life in captured in the nifty iPhone :)
What would we be without technology?

Really sweet wedding gift that the ortho gals for for me all the way from paris. hv to say i reallly truly miss my friends my cgh. but alas, one must continue to pursue one's dreams!
Sweet shirley got us hand cream and schoco bon bons!
Our hot selling product - lemon sour plum!!!

And then we had our food tasting at the Fullerton Jade Restaurant. I've never been a fan of chinese food but I have to say almost ALL of the dishes were YUMMY!!! Especially the duck! Gosh nv tasted such juicy yet crispy roasted duck before!

And some of my favourites for the night 
Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall
Our wine for the night - luscious berries that weren't too strong!
The photo probably doesnt do the presentation any justice. It was laid so beautifully and looked so intricate!

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