Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SN spirit lives forever!

Right after a genefique facial at lancome. Felt refreshed but completely xianz when two pimples decided to make an appearance on my cheek and neck the next day. luckily they went away in time for the wedding!
Love the chilli crab pow at Din Tai Feng!

And the next day, back to school the gals went! :D just in time for some mooncake and nostalgia :)
The nostalgic mirrors we love all around the school :)
The iconic red bridge now reduced to a poster :( But still a 3D poster no less :P
And there we are!!! SN babes back in the spanking new campus with Mrs Cheong! The SN Spirit really burns so strongly till today!
Ai wo sheng ni ge la!!!
Will always remember our school motto and values.
Still can recite our student's pledge!

I'm proud to be a SN old girl!

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