Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are you going to San Francisco?

If you're going to San Francisco.. 
Be sure to put some flowers in your hair

A first impression of the States, an eleven hour stop over at San Francisco :)

At the wharfs with lots of seagulls after a good 30 minute walk from the bart(their local term for their trains) station! Clear blue skies with great weather!

And went on to explore the main wharf areas. Very reminiscent of Universal Studios. 

And the sea lions that congregated at the pier! Do you know that proper term for the sounds that sea lions create is called 'bark'? I wonder why it ain't 'roar'! :P

And a very pretty and bustling bakery :)

& then after that 11 hours there, we were on to our last 2 legs of the travel. To Atlanta then to Dothan and finally to Sweet Home Alabama.

Till the next entry!


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