Thursday, April 11, 2013

humble beginnings

...of a Home Sweet Home. 

Your feet may bring you all around the world, but Home is always where the heart is.

After the 37 long hour travel plus another 6 hours or so of getting our wheels and locating our home, we finally settled in to our cosy place for the next 3 months.

Very thankful for our cosy place :)

Justen's mini golf corner LOL!

And the big tree in our yard. I love this tree!!! :D

And then of course, the mandatory Krispy Kreme trip!

Justen really looovees his krispy kremes. I personally found it waaay too sweet!

And then we headed to Walmart to get some supplies. 
Gosh it is so GIGANTIC! I think everything about this country is kinda huge!

The apples here are so pretty, glossy and perfect looking! 
So pretty they are good enough for display on the island :)

And of course some blooms to brighten the home!

The weather was pretty chilly and luckily I packed in my turtleneck by mistake! God is good to me! :)

And well I guess that sums it up for now..

A lady's life of leisure for the next one month!