Sunday, May 19, 2013


road trippin again!

This weekend, we went to St Augustine at Florida. And I learnt a lot more of the deep history of the United States. It is no wonder Independence is such an important element to their culture. 

Watching the spanish guards of the olden days fire their canons.

Women were already capable, creating strong businesses and building great properties then!

Up the stairs of the famous lighthouse of St Augustine!

Paradise :)

And of course, we had to hit the beach whenever we could again!
Because its the S U N S H I N E state!!! :D

The hardworking captain reading even on the beach!

The cute streets of the old town :)

The beautiful peacock at the Fountain of Youth who kept opening his majestic feathers for us!

And my favourite- the beautiful chandeliers and ceilings painted by Louis Tiffany himself at the then Flagler Hotel!

T'was great, St Augustine! Till the next time!

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