Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To Florida,Destin we go!

Back with more US updates! 

Over one weekend, we drove out to the sunny, beachy Destin at Florida!

*road trippin weekend*!

And of course, Justin had to stop by his favourite american krispy kremes for his sugar fix.

he's totally savouring every bite!

I got the apple cinnamon, but it was really too sweet for my liking.

but i looovee their coffee! was good enough to drink it au naturel and black sans sugar/milk.

Pretty chocolate coated apples :) 

Then to Destin commons for more shopping whee!

And went to Justin's much raved Olive gardens. Couldn't finish their huge portions!

He really misses his american food!

Then we drove past some Floridian beaches and of course had to pop by to enjoy the glorious weather in the Sunshine state for a while!

Gosh I LOOVEEEEE the clear blue skies!

And my NYC blood orange nails with purples & blues for arm swag! These polishes are a DREAM to glide on! LOVE!

And of course my leopardy shawl as a make do beach mat! heh.

The Sunshine State :)

Dinner was to Joe's crab shack!

Where we won a free $20 voucher! Really lucky! :D

Fresh Seafood.

And the next day we headed to the Beach again! Why of course, we are in the Sunshine State!!! :D
Beautiful beautiful blue waters and white sands.

Super cool advertising in the skies!

And what better to end the road trip with a super yummy dreamy mango icecream cocktail by the beach!

Destin is quite an awesome place if you have 2 days and a night to spare especially in the summer!

Till the next time!


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