Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pregnancy Updates - Week 19

12 Nov 2014

Today I'm at 19 weeks! which means the little one has already been growing and learning inside me for  41/2 months! which is kind of a halfway milestone for the whole pregnancy. My tummy is still relatively small, although lately my family has really been feeding me with so much food! I feel like I am eating at 40% more than my usual, especially since my appetite has sort of decreased ever since living in the US. Literally, at breakfast, I would be asked what I want for dinner, and at dinner I would be asked what I want for lunch the next day! Well, all I can say is, Lucky me! I think my family is just trying to feed me as much as they can for this one month. Though the quantities are still relatively small, I am not quite used to eating really proper food for every single meal, since I usually have very simple fruit or just a sandwich for lunch. Just yesterday I really decided I needed a food break and just had fruits for dinner.

It was an emotional day yesterday. In the afternoon, I experienced really painful and intense contractions for the first time, that was coupled with uncontrollable tears for not much rhyme or reason. The contractions were painful but not quite enough to warrant tears, I guess perhaps I felt helpless that's why. Read about it and found out that the contractions I experienced was probably Braxton-Hicks contractions which many women experience, although the intensity of it varies between women. But well, I hope I would only need to experience that just this once, until its really time for labour!

And at night when I laid in bed, when I was feeling particularly frustrated with the entire family for their lack of cooperation and childishness in their attitudes towards the business, and all the emotional baggage that comes with coming back to Singapore, I put my hand on my belly and suddenly felt a subtle kick for the first time! And oh my, all that frustration went away immediately! I felt as if my little one knew I was feeling unhappy and decided to cheer me up by presenting me with his first little kick! And as I messaged Justen to tell him about that, the little one suddenly became so active and was fluttering around my belly, probably waving his little arms excitedly to greet his daddy! So cute... I'm beginning to really feel its quite a magical experience to bear a little one for my loved one:)

In the morning when I awoke, everything felt pretty normal again and I didn't feel any movements in my belly. It was only when I messaged Justen, when I felt the little one flutter around in my belly again! How cute, looks like he really misses his daddy!

Can't wait to get back to give his daddy a real big hug!

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