Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cookie and I on a rainy day...

My sweetest dog in the world :)
Just to document this cute little incident..
Both of us were alone at home in my room on a pouring day.
Suddenly we felt a strong gush of wind and then heard the sound of glass drop outside.. In that instant, we both looked at each other and if we had thought bubbles it would be an alarmed 'what's that?'
And as I got up from my bed, Cookie also got up from her little mat and looked at me with tentative eyes. And if
she had a thought bubble, it would be 'Come jie jie, let's check what happened. I'll follow you and help you!'

Such a sweet little dog:) all that non verbal communication was just too cute and amazing.:) dogs are man'a best friend indeed.:)
My little cookie, I <3 you! :)

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