Thursday, May 31, 2012

Count Thy Blessings!

And so, very quickly, it was the last day of work at CGH!
Gosh! It felt pretty strange as I packed up the last of my little belongings.
Happy yet sad. Excited yet a little apprehensive. Clear yet a little unsure of my decision..
Yet, I must follow the instincts of my heart and what it is telling me to do.
I have always lived by my motto- One life, live it. With courage and faith, I am ready to take the next step to create a new reality that I want! Have always had a voice at the back of my head that told me I am meant to do big things, things more than just working for an organisation!
Now, just got to carry out a good plan to create an occupation that is the best suited for myself!
Ole to the power of Free Will and Conviction!

Flowers from a kind old lady that made my day! Feel so happy to be appreciated for my good work! Truly Love my job as an OT!
Lovely gift from my loveliest colleagues! Was so touched as I didn't expect it at all!
Its such a nifty yet pretty gadget that doubles as a USB and pen!
Flowers from dearest Justin which was yet another complete surprise!
I was waiting anxiously at the taxi stand expecting to hop on his car, afraid to miss it. And suddenly I saw him walking towards me holding this lovely bouquet instead! Blessed is me! :)
I'm such a lucky girl to receive an abundance of love and flowers :)

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