Saturday, May 26, 2012

Painting at Arteastiq!

Brought Aixin to the Arteastiq cafe that we've been wanting to go for a long time! After a mini jam on the highways, we finally got there!

It was such a lovely day!!!:D

The eclectic Arteastiq painting cafe with awesome music in the background! The right music persuades the mood to be relaxed and creative!
Flipping through the references provided for our arteastiq inspiration! Before I stepped into the cafe, I had a visual image of creating a peaceful image of a gradient of blues. But somehow when I saw the pink rose, I just decided to go with the reds without much hesitation. I guess Freud would say these colours reflect my true feelings- Red and Sensuous colours, blends and strokes which allow for fluidity and expression without much rules is really what I like! But I still really wanna do a blue piece!!

Aixin choosing her inspiration. This little young lady, on the other hand, was quite the opposite of me! Her choices were carefully thought out and deliberated on, with much care and planning. Watching her sketch all the little details out carefully made me so proud of her! Great planning and consideration throughout her drawing, awesome accomplishment for her mental processes for a young lady like her!

Me Happily drawing my sketches :)

Starting to paint, blend, mix and colour! Love the colours and the process- super therapeutic!!!

Aixin cam whoring while waiting for me to complete my drawing.. Her greyish blue contacts are  so nice!!!

And TA DAH! Done!!!!! Proud of my masterpiece!!!! Whee!!!!!

Love the colours much!!!

Aixin's lovely painting!! Bright and chirpy that came naturally (tho she wasn't pleased with the bright colours and rathered it black and white). Now what would Freud say- Obviously a rebellious teenager trying to surpress her inner brightness to welcome a 'cool' dark black n white! :P Well, not that I havn't been through phases of 'dark' fixation before. hee. my wardrobe consisted of mainly blacks for a period sometime back. oops.

DINNER TIME!!! We shared this $13.10 nasi padang. Which caused me to have surprise diarrhea x 2 while we shopped after. :(. sad much.

And  of course tea and cake for a caffeine boost before driving home!:D
Using my new Dior tropical light couleurs palette with the tried and tested best Chanel inimitable mascara today.
Also took my pandora's and little tiffany ring out to play today! Love them! :D

Before we went home, spotted this super huge champagne at Jason's supermarket! Hooray we got something nice to pop for the wedding!!:D

While we shopped, tried on a few fascinators/hats and thought they looked really elegant and classy! Perfect touch for the english wedding! :) Looking forward to matching them with the chosen wedding dress soon! :)

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