Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Colours

Mint and Bright Rose Pink! For pretty, summer ready glossy nails!
Love the mint especially!
Stumbled into a japanese bakery cafe with alfresco area for a cuppa tea by the sounds of water!
Perfect if there was a little more breeze! :)
Using my new long lasting black eyeliner that comes with a smudging tip!
Perfect combination of mascara: Lancome + Chanel Inimitable.

Busy day of running around errands! Outdo my day?

0930 Home Therapy
1230 Lunch at Home
1500 Complete paper work at CGH
1700 Confirm tour dates at novena
1745 Pause for a breather at the bakery
1845 Pick up colleagues at CGH
1915 Farewell dinner at Breeks with colleagues


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