Sunday, December 9, 2012


More R& D at the office: Today, a merry concoction of berries and jelly :)
Home on a rainy day: Brought mom's vintage bangles of 20 years out for a polish! Good as new again! :)) Can't wait to wear them out!
And us in traditional indian gear! My first time at an indian temple and wedding! 
After Party!
Bangles and sari all from the cute bazaar at little india!
With cookie on the balcony after a good walk! :) i love this little fur thing soo much!!! She is sooo cute!!!
and a little nonchalant!!
My adventures with Cookie is getting so very enjoyable these days :):):):)
Excerpt from the Midas Touch by Kiyosaki and Trump :)

And it was time for an early Xmas party at Oso. I must say I really love this restaurant! Great ambience, service and perfect food :)
Lobster Fettucine with a glass of white wine is the perfect combination.
Cheeeessee for starters :)
And all the pretty gals decked out in xmas colours!!!!

Looking forward to a merry chrismas!


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