Friday, December 28, 2012

Joy to world! Xmas pressies:))

Every year I give thanks to how lucky I am to receive so many thoughtful gifts from my family and friends. The thoughts that create these gifts are certainly priceless and is perhaps the real gifts for the soul :)
Cookie and her new little purple bouncy toy:)
Really cute little vials of scents <3

Cosmetics galore!!:D And the sweetly made card! :)

Ombre earrings from my love to celebrate my new name :)

Super delightful basket of short breads, cookies, honey, tea and scents fr Crabtree & Evelyn! :))

Tea with a spot of milk with the delightful cookies :)
I love the merry little basket so much! :D
A really gorgeous and pretty eyeshadow palette that I can't quite bear to use!
And the loot of pressies that I got for all of them!!!

Happiness is in giving and receiving :) 

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