Friday, December 28, 2012

Food styles

Food's fashion and style these days is captivating and certainly makes me want to practice the art of immortalizing them before there are devoured. 
So here's the food fashion this past two weeks:)
DessertGuroo's green tea jelly with a dollop of passionfruit. Absolutely refreshing and healthy!! :))
Good Ole' Green Tea Jelly!
Green Apple of my Eye :))))
Lycheetini. I absolutely  L O V E  this concoction!!
Home made pancakes with dollops of DessertGuroo's mango and strawberry puree, with a drizzle of chocolate!
Fresh salad with duck confetti at Jone's the Grocers!
Absolutely divine home made laksa with soya instead of coconut milk!!
And a cute little smiley face for breakfast to start the day! :)

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