Friday, December 28, 2012

One Winter in Shanghai

One night in Shanghai, 
The winter so cold it only shied of snow.
Open our eyes,
 And see how far the east can go.

Cosying up to tea and cake in a cute little German cafe at Xin Tian Di.
Our many layers of clothing were our faithful companions to braving the cold winds.
Enjoying a delicious chocolate ice cream in the cold :)
Really lovin' it! :D
Jumping to Freedom, Progression and the Way to our Heart's Desire!
Everytime we're cold, we stop to something to warm the heart before we continue our journey :)
This warmed our hearts too :) <3
And this too :)
On Nanjing Pu Xing Jie at 3degc.
Tian Zi Fang, a quaint little alley way with cute outdoor cafes.
At the mega F21 that encompassed a wide building of 4 storeys.
Get up for Xmas Eve <3
Loving the xmas green ledger dress, italian black boots and the red pout :)
Beautiful hotel room too :)
Before we braved the cold to head to Mook, an impressive club for the Xmas countdown :)
Comfort food at Element Fresh :)
Loved the hummus dip with really fresh greens!
Cpt Smith was so very satisfied with his Asian food!
The first few OFTD shots <3
Brown hipsta boots from the Shanghai Old town where we revelled in street food!
And last but not least, a pose with the
Shanghai Tang.

And one must wonder,
Where in the era of the opulent Shanghai Tang,
Where women adorned in classy gold,
Clad in cheongsams so opulent their spirits glowed.
Where men were dashing and never as bold,
Their midas touches turning everything gold.

What was it like so?


and I can only wonder and revel in the allure of the mysteriously opulent days of the
Shanghai Tang.

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