Sunday, December 9, 2012


"life is fun when you let it."

Surprise bouquet fr Justen :):):)
Super yummy Mango Fettucine from Sheng Kee:) I'm so proud of our products!
Star pearls and grass gel :)
R&D at the office! Creating new party pack recipes :)
Love it! Mango, peach and mango linguine! :)
We found a new japanese buffet place that's pretty cute! :D
Royal Jasmine Tea at High Society before meeting the girls!
And the the cute bistro at Pacific plaza with the gals for Z's farewell! Tho, I wdn't recommend the food there..
Pretty cafe mocha at Robert Timms after dinner  :):):)
And our cute little xmas pressies from Terina!
Gosh! We havn't given each other presents for quite a while! The joys of receiving a simple heartfelt present from a friend is really sweet  :)

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