Sunday, March 2, 2014

EASY EGG BENEDICT with Poppy Seed dressing

cooking eggs 

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.”

Attempted an Egg Benedict and it turned out very delicious! It should probably take you less than 20 minutes once you have mastered the art of egg poaching!

Ingredients you will need:
- 2 large eggs
- Choice of Ham
- Baby Spinach
- English Muffins
- Dressing of choice

First, Poach the Eggs! This took me the longest to succeed at. But after a couple tries of different methods, I was able to do it quite easily.

The technique that I discovered was the easiest was to  --
- Bring pot of water to simmering boil.
- Add a tbsp of vinegar to it so that the egg whites curdle easily.
- Crack an egg into a ladle and gently lower it into the simmering water, keeping it roughly at the surface.
- Leave the egg in the ladle at low heat(or off the heat) in the pot and let the egg set. I prefer well done egg yolks so I left it there a little longer.
- Lift it onto a bowl and set aside, or keep warm in an oven.

Second, Boil Spinach & Grill them Muffins! Easy peasy.
- Boil bunch of spinach in a pan of hot water. Cut them with scissors, reduce as much water as possible and set aside!
- Put your Muffins into the oven and grill for 10-12 mins at 425F.

Third, Heat up Ham and dressing so it is oh-so-warm in your mouth.
- Lightly pan fry ham, no oil needed.
- I used ready made poppy seed dressing to replace the fat-rich hollandaise sauce (made up of 80% butter OMG). Just warm the sauce up in the pan! p/s: Be creative, hollandaise is not the only sauce that will make these eggs yummy.

Fourth, Lay everything together and serve. 
- Pair of muffins are laid open faced. Lay Ham. Lay Spinach. Lay egg. Spoon sauce.

Verdict: Very Yummy. And I'm pretty sure everyone can do it.

and the simplest things may be the most difficult to master. but persistence and patience will always be fruitful.


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