Tuesday, March 18, 2014

INSPIRATIONS FROM DONALD TRUMP - From the book 'Midas Touch' (Part I )

the midas touch

I have always been fascinated by Donald Trump ever since I read his first book - "The Art of the Deal" several years back.

His tenacity, unwavering vision and sometimes arrogant confidence are perhaps the ingredients for his success amidst difficulties. The following are excerpts and reflections on the first chapter of the book "Midas Touch" co-written by Robert Kiyosaki and himself. Their thoughts together help to give the entrepreneur, or any self improving individual a good perspective on the road ahead.


If It Weren't for Bad Luck - Donald Trump

Setbacks are simply 'Blips' and nothing more.
"Over time, I was able to regain my focus and my fortune. I actually became much more successful after my big loss. One of the reasons is that I had always seen myself as a lucky guy, and I still do. I didn't let the experience of a big loss change my view of who I am. I saw the whole thing as a 'blip' and nothing more. I knew I had the skill set to get back into the game, just as a golfer knows and uses the same techniques to get out of the sand trap and sink a birdie."

"Because I'm not a quitter, I quickly resolved to stick it out  I also didn't want to be a 'wanna-be' entrepreneur. This just happened to be a low point. You'll have a few of those too."

Own the Good and Bad of what you do. Make it Extraordinary.
"It is empowering, for one thing, and your effectiveness will increase tremendously when you own the good and the bad of all you do.. As soon as you take responsibility for all that you touch, the power is in your hands to make it extraordinary. For me, having that sense of control has been a catalyst for success."

That great feeling of Creation.
"And the best part of success is that great feeling you get from taking something that was barely breathing and turning it into something alive."

Get the Job Done.
"I've always had the energy and eye for improvement. I approach each project pragmatically and with emotional control, yet I maintan the enthusiasm necessary to get the job done. Its an important balance to acheive."

The Midas touch - Having the Vision to see how things could be, instead of how they are.
"Part of the Midas Touch is having the vision to see things as they could be, instead of how they are. Someone has to do it, and I've always had the energy and eye for improvement."

Distilling it Down: The Strength of Character

"What separates Midas Touch entrepreneurs from all the others is that when they face a loss, they quickly stand back up, learn from their mistakes, and move on. Successful entrepreneurs know that learning from their mistakes affords them greater wisdom and strength for the next challenge."


And so, reading these inspirations aren't enough. 

Thoughts need to be translated into actions in order for them to really make an impact on our lives. 
To really effect these inspirations, we could start by getting around in our heads and answering these questions to unlock the First key - Understanding our strength of character that we currently possess:

How do you handle losing?
How do you handle fear?
Are you willing to work for years, without a paycheck, on a project that may never get off the ground?
Have you even been betrayed?
How did you handle the betrayal?
Are your trustworthy under pressure? Or do you stab people in the back when the chips are down?
How do you feel when someone else makes mistakes that you have to pay for? Can you fire a friend or a family member?
Are you generous or greedy by nature?
How do you feel when you are out of money?

And when we get around to doing this first step, we can start to turn inspirations into reality.

Actions - Trump cards that turn inspirations into realities.


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