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the little black jacket

"You have to like the present; if not, your life becomes second hand if you think it was better before, or that if you feel it will be better in the future." 
-Karl Lagerfeld

I was most intrigued by Karl Lagerfeld's recent fashion show that featured the 'Chanel Shopping Center' and its grocery runways. How can one be so forward thinking, creative, and so accurately hit the nail on the spot on the Modern Woman's Dilemma?

Day in and out, women are grappling with multiple duties -- To work, or to stay home and nurture a child wholeheartedly. To focus razor sharp concentration on work to achieve mind blowing success, or to allocate adequate time to nurture a great relationship with our partners and family. And in my case, to keep working on something that has gained good momentum, or to abandon everything temporarily and accompany my loved one to a far away town.

These decisions are often difficult, and the times that the events arrive at are usually not within our control. But really, in reality, women are tough enough to realise that they can juggle all these, and do well in all aspects that they so choose. Karl shows us that we can be stylish even while performing our traditional 'female-gender' functional duties, even grocery shopping. In fact, the legendary Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag with the chain was born out of Coco Chanel's desire to be stylish but also functional. In those days, bags were literally handbags that women in their corseted suits held in their hands. The 2.55 Flap Bag was invented when Coco Chanel got tired of having to hold a bag in her hands while she was working, hence giving birth to the chain strap that gave her busy hands to freedom to work.

I have to admit, part of the reason why I feel so deeply for this recent show( to the extent of repeatedly playing Karl's interview to listen to his cute french accent in the background, heh), is because I feel like he really hit the nail on the spot and expressed in such a beautiful way, what my real vision for DessertGuroo was. Besides a passion to continue my family legacy in the dessert industry, I also really wanted modern women and men to no longer be bogged down with complicated 'feminine' chores. I wanted the modern man and woman to know that in today's world, they can create desirable desserts easily and stylishly. The messy-haired woman huddling in the kitchen for hours no longer needs to surface in reality. Style and Function coexists.

Having waxed all that lyrical, these Karl Lagerfeld's quotes that I penned down serve as great inspiration -

Keira Knightly on Karl Lagerfeld:
"He is constantly reinventing, always thinking forwards, (always) in the present. And he always seems to have the enthusiasm of a child."

Karl Lagerfeld to a journalist on a documentary:
"Oh...I produce roughly about 8 collections a year for Chanel, 2 for Fendi.. You count, but I don't count."

" If there's something in the air, you must catch it and make it yours."

"As a child, I didn't want to look like other children. I wanted to be different from others."

"The brain is a muscle, and I'm a kind of bodybuilder."

Karl Lagerfeld on the interview for the show:
" I like fashion to be part of daily life, it should not be cut away from it."

And that said, I am glad and grateful for my fresh start because I can see unlimited potential in the States. And also, I have proved to myself that I do not live any kind of 'sacrifices' as long as I choose not to. So far, my time here has surprisingly given me space and utmost concentration to really focus on DessertGuroo - something I was never able to really do because I was piled on with unending distracting tasks back in Singapore. And I'm glad these little steps have translated themselves into real harvest as well. Style and Function coexists!

If you want to see the videos, hit the links here >>

style and function coexists


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