Friday, March 21, 2014

Home away from Home - Legacy Living in Tucson

home away from home

“Home isn't a place, its a feeling”
― Cecelia AhernLove, Rosie

Feelings of Love, Warmth and Happiness are what Home really is. 
After what seemed like a journey full of trials and tribulations, we finally managed to get an apartment we liked! The property market in Tucson is nowhere the same as Singapore. After many unanswered calls to several home agents, we finally found Legacy Apartments - small, safe and cosy, just for the two of us. And, I realise, I love creating a beautiful home no matter where my feet lands - is this desire to sink roots wherever I dwell good, or bad?

Living / Dining Area

Little fengshui tip: The southwest of the home represents love and relationships. So it is a good idea to place objects of pairs, or pictures of loving relationships at this corner. 

Little Fengshui tip: its a good idea to place a bowl of apples in the living area where people congregate to promote harmony and peace!

Bedroom Area

Little fengshui tip: It is a good idea to awake to beautiful and happy images that inspire joy! On the contrary, mirrors facing the bed are said to be detrimental.

Den / Study / Shoe-drobe


Love the luxurious bathrooms

And the surroundings of the apartment: little bushes of cute flowers here and there.

and this, is part of tucson living. 


[p/s If you'd like, you could view the tour of the apartment here - ]

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