Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

keep it simple, silly.

“Sometimes the simplest things are really the best.”

Oh so sweet, these potatoes!  

According to The New York times, sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates that contain protein. To me, this simply means that I do not need to have the same type of scorn for than as I have for carbs like bread and regular potatoes! Fabulous option to satisfy the carb tooth when it strikes!

The most fabulous of it is that these baked sweet potato fries taste awesome and are really easy to prepare - No one really needs to spend long hours in the kitchen to prepare awesome food anymore.

Ingredients you will need:
Sweet Potatoes. 1 potato for each person will be a safe bet.

Easy 3 steps:
First, Cut up the potatoes into strips.
Well, what more can I say about this step.. Except that it was rather tiring for my weak hands to cut through the thick potato. Exert some will power to finish it, or get a sharper knife!

Second, sprinkle olive oil, salt, pepper and some cornstarch over the potato strips.
Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of olive oil and cornstarch (for added crisp) per potato, salt and pepper to taste. Mix it up evenly and note that the cornstarch should look well dissolved into the potatoes.

Third, lay the strips on a baking tray and Bake it!
Ensure that the strips are not too crowded together. Lay them in a single layer.
Bake for 15 mins in a oven heated to 425F / 218 Deg Celsius.
Remove from oven after 15 mins to overturn the strips.
Bake for another 15 mins.

Voila! Enjoy your fries!

life is simple if you let it.


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