Monday, August 27, 2012

An adventure or nothing

"Life is an adventure or nothing." And when we run on the adventure, we run hard and past, panting and puffing. And at the moment when we think our beating heart can take the adrenalin no more, we must remember why we are on the adventure. Because we chose to want adventure and not nothing.

The road less travelled may be accompanied with moments that are tougher than the less extraodinary. But we must remember we chose to embark on this remarkable path because we were faithful to our hearts and true to our courage. Because we wanted to be remarkable men and women who were true to ourselves. Because, what's the point of it all if we simply chose nothing?

At our new home, Cookie taking her new duties very seriously!
And the awesome strategists met at PS Cafe Palais Rennaisance on a bright Sunday afternoon!!
With cute little Aixin, love her orange tee!!
And the new double c on my neck, lovingly from Cpt Smith!:)
Chicken tenders in the breezy daylight!
And a really nice cup of cuppacinno! Havnt tasted such a nice cuppa for a while - right intensity, cream and sweetness.
And on another day... hot toast and tea on a rainy day after work.
My favourite kind of tea! :D

crystel diorre

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