Friday, August 17, 2012

Refreshed and hard at work

This two weeks, missed my bright office and trusty mac, my freedom and space for creativity and my Captain Smith who is 10,000 miles away in the beautiful England, wish I was there!:( 

To express the past two weeks..

The freedom that came with the shift together with the de-freedom that came with mundane clerking tasks brought to light a strange kind of new perspective. To view from both perspectives - employer and  employee. Recognise the difference in perspectives that can create the different kinds of life - How our mindset to doing things everyday can create vastly different life paths. Which led me to think If I were to go to America, I am so excited to help out in a little cafe owned by my family there. To bring a touch of local flavour to the homesick Singaporeans out there would be meaningful. This week, also felt much less chirpy with an exacerbated sense of dullness as my best friend is not around to play with me :( Something truly feels missing :(

Yummy sashimi at Irodori at Riverview Hotel
Cute little kitty chocolates Claudia got me from Taiwan!
The little postmaster enjoying the shift!

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