Friday, August 3, 2012

Time flies!

Time really flies..! Checked back and realised the last post was on 23 July (which i accidentally deleted), where I was having so much trouble adjusting to the physical space of my office.. Now more than a week has flown past, and I've successfully spruced up the room with the help of my awesome personal handyman and lyn:) With a fresh coat of paint over the walls and a coat of glossy lacquer over the shelfs, clearing away all the 'dead' stuff, the room has come alive and breathing great energy!! Wonders of a good colour to the walls, instant lighting! :)) Was sooo happy in my new office space!

Of course, the other parts of the office were also spruced up with a good coat of paint and the place looks so much refreshed! But we definitely require a round two to complete the doors and one other small locker, as well as put up the posters. Photos, notice boards will also have to be up one by one! :D Glad to be doing all of these!:D

The 'tissue paper curls' that Aixin did for me, and boy, they lasted the whole day and gave me nice bouncy curls!! I'm so impressed! :D
Work at the office. Been trying to experiment red tea jelly with a variety of combinations. Here's red tea jelly with fresh apple slices :)
Red tea jelly with smooth silly beancurd. The taste was so refreshing! almost like soya milk tea! :D

love the fulfilling and productive week! More to come! :D

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