Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting ready...

And the real deal for our photoshoot is tomorrow! So excited and have got so many things to prepare!

All my gowns!!! 4 in total! I'm a lucky gal! :D
Justen's suit!:)
Bouquet of baby breaths!!! I LOVE this bouquet sooo much!!! So pure and fresh, simple and elegant.:)
Got a french gelish manicure done specially for the shoot!:)
On a side note, had the most awesome sashimi salad at Sakae Sushi Bugis with Terina the other day! Was so impressed with the quality of the fish and vegetables, think they have improved a lot! Though, I can't say the same for other branches.
Anw, it was the first of our 'Young Businesswomen Sharing Session' as I would like to name it;) many more to come!

Excited to know how the day will turn out tomorrow!

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