Friday, August 3, 2012

Photoshoot at the Fullerton Loft Suite!

And the real deal is today!

Much fun today and I fulfilled many wedding wishes of mine! :) A fresh bouquet of pure baby breaths, donning a lace veil, featuring in an english lady look as inspired by the queen in her younger days, taking my favourite red gown against the majestic fullerton pillars, and taking shots with my family and friends!

I'm so grateful to be able to fulfill these wishes together with my partner and soul mate who happens to be incredibly handsome in a suit, along with the support of my family and friends! :D And not to mention, the incredibly beautiful loft suite at my favourite Fullerton Hotel! Somehow I feel so connected with this hotel, perhaps because of its majestic colonial look that's modern but still quaint in a elegant way.

Freshly done make up with natural straight hair :) Love the make up today and was so glad I could use my own products! :D
Happy and ready! :)

A look at all my gowns laid beautifully on the bed upstairs!

The real behind the scenes behind the glamourous looks! Lovin the curlers ;) Lucky Lyn was there with me the whole day, she was such a grreat help!!!:D

Really love the bouquet of baby breaths!!! Made even more pretty by Hui Hui the expert florist :))

Some extra baby breaths in my hair with the curls :)

Learning to pose!

The English look! :) One of my favourite photos for the day!!! :D
With Hui Hui! She was such a grreeatt help!!! Almost all photos taken by her!!! :)) Complete with an array of filters and awesome angles!! Grateful! :D
And the baby breaths she made so beautiful! <3<3<3
And then we ventured outdoors! With an updo and donning the exquisite crystal gown made beautiful by Justen's mom!
Casual and happy!
My Super Handsome and Dashing Groom! :D Such a natural at posing really!
Another of my favourite photos..Behind the scenes... adjusting attires. 
With the moms and pretty little Aixin who's always so super sweet and supportive!!! :) HUGS MY LITTLE SISTER!!!!!!!!! If only Cookie could be here...
And that's us! Taking our first step towards a wonderful future together!
More photos of the other evening gowns to come :))

Crystel Diorre

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