Sunday, August 5, 2012


Deeply frustrated at things at so many levels.


If a friend constantly leaves you feeling undermined, irritated and comes across to be in the least of your best interest, the person is not worth befriending no matter the history. Cut contact unless absolutely necessary.

If it itches, DON'T scratch it as the scratch and scab marks aren't worth it.

If the system's lousy, NEVER adhere to its nonsense and INSIST on the correct way of doing things.

If the service is bad, NEVER contain your displeasure but neither do you kick up a fuss. Make sure the bad service is RECOGNISED and INSIST on filling in a feedback form even if you feel like giving them a chance. Because if the bad do not get their just deserts, the good will never get their good endings.

Appreciate YOURSELF before anyone else does. Because most of the time people are self absorbed and are too good at forgetting courtesy.

If the area is messy, MAKE SURE it is neatened by the person who contributed to it.

If the ego is acting up, MAKE SURE humility does not forget to play its important role.

If the frustration level is up, MAKE SURE the temperature levels are down.

If the body feels intoxicated and congested, MAKE SURE you detox and refresh the stuck system.

If the situation is bad, analyse the root cause of it all. And you may realise that all the other bad emotions probably were triggered of by the root cause. Resolve to RESOLVE the cause. With no cause, there will be no effect.

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